Thursday, June 4, 2009

I can see clearly Now...

June 4, 2009
Received package from Department of Public Safety. No video, but it’s quite interesting that after proving that the speed couldn’t have happened, multiple ways, Judge #2 appears to have made sure that I wouldn’t be able to appeal. He did so by stating on the court documents that I plead guilty to the speed,

again, no matter what…

Notes on audio evidence:
The audio has been rearranged, things added, things taken away, a lot of background noise added.
Also, the feel in court was that Trooper Court Clerk had created the audio, this statement is simply an opinion.


Time line not accurate. Looking for gun in beginning.
HGN first, one legged stand next, portable breath test last
If PBT had been first, why would he have gone beyond that, considering what he alleges the reading was?

Things Added:
Things stated once, repeated over and over.
Conversations between Trooper #1 and Mr. Pasenger.
Trooper #1 calling me first name and telling me to get back over here.
Instructions during hand cuffing.
Trooper #1 returning Mr. Pasenger's license.
Trooper #1 inventorying truck.
Background noise, it was a rainy night, fairly quiet.

Things Removed:
Beginning of stop.
Coercion on Field Sobriety Tests.
Trooper #1, “she didn’t do it right.”
Trooper #2 assuring me my property would be secure.
Time is missing.
Conversations between Trooper #1 and Trooper #2.

Too many inconsistencies to list.